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Early in recovery, we were having get-togethers in our home. We'd play cards and have pot lucks. That's when I really started to feel part of the program and the people in it really started to become our close friends. As time went on more and more people would attend, eventually someone asked if we had any board games? (Because they didn't know how to play cards)

A few days later about 8 of us got the pleasure to attend a Monday night No-Alcohol show at the Funny Bone Comedy Club, where MARK LUNDHOLM was doing a show called "an evening of 12 step humor".

We had the time of our lives, I laughed so hard and cried and then laughed again. We had so much FUN I couldn't wait to get home and tell everyone in the program what a great time we had. I purchased Mark's CDs and DVDs on his website and we had our friends over to share in this wonderful experience.

Ever since that evening I have been able to forgive myself and others for all the wrongs in my past. I don't know why it happened that evening and “I'm NOT supposed to know WHY.” I just know my life is a lot more serene today. My truest thanks and unconditional love goes out to Mark. He is a blessing to be part of my life. He has a gift of words which we can all relate to…

Any way, being the good ALCOHOLIC/ADDICT I am, the wheels started turning. I realized that the reason I didn't have any board games to play was because I 'm NOT smart about politics, history, or worldly events, but what I am knowledgeable about is recovery…

So I put 2 and 2 together and contacted Mark. We went to work creating Recovery; we had so much fun creating Recovery... Our sincerest desire is that you all will have as much fun playing it as we did creating it. For us we are really excited about carrying the message to everyone who could use a good laugh and a good time. We have had the opportunity to play with friends from 30 days clean to 33 years of sobriety and they all agree, the fellowship and the laughter is something they have both been missing for a long time…

RECOVERY isn't something I created, it's just part of my life and part of your's. Together we laugh, we cry, and we get honest with ourselves...

This is what WE hope you ALL experience while playing RECOVERY.

Jason & Carolyn Salter





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